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Tricia Helfer

Battlestar Galactica/ Lucifer/ Van Helsing

Not only is Brad a fantastic photographer but he's also got an understanding of what makes headshots work.  It's not just about a pretty picture, it's about conveying different energies and about standing out.  Brad is great with lighting but he also comes at it with an actors perspective, and he's super fun to work with.  Not only will you get really good images but you'll have fun doing it.

Ethan Embry

That thing you do/ Grace and Frankie/ Sweet Home Alabama

"Brad not only captured the right 'tone' I was looking for to best represent the types of work I want in the future, but he also accomplished it while creating a relaxed and collaborative environment making it easy for me to feel comfortable while we worked. Couldn’t ask for anything more." 

Ethan Embry Final Headshot.jpg

April Billingsly

The Walking Dead, Constantine,

The Mentalist

I feel like the actors in Brad’s headshots belong on screen and I can immediately place what shows I would see them in. The amount of marketing knowledge and skill it takes to accomplish that is laudable. A phenomenal actor himself, he has a great eye for what makes a stand out headshot!

Kol Salzberg

Average Joe

We have absolutely loved working with Brad. When he took our daughter's headshots, we were struck by his patience, knowledge of the industry, and breadth of experience. My daughter seamlessly connected with him so it was a natural choice for us to turn to him for acting coaching as well. He crafts each coaching session to that person's needs and has been able to bring out such incredible energy and depth in my daughter. I would recommend him to anyone. Best of all, Kol booked her first SAG role with Brad's headshots and coaching!!!

Navit Salzberg


Jayson Warner Smith

The Walking Dead/ American Made/ Rectify



It has always been a necessary evil that I have had to endure … until now. Enter Brad Carter. I was fortunate to meet Brad on the set of a film we acted in together (and he scored the soundtrack for … but that’s another story) and we struck up a friendship. He mentioned he also made headshots for actors (a true renaissance man) and offered to shoot me. I agreed and boy am I glad I did.


The entire experience was FUN and effortless. Brad (being the fine actor he is) was like shooting headshots with a scene partner. He completely set me at ease and kept me from posing. He made sure we found the story in the eyes. In addition, he completely prepared me for our session ahead of time with tons of thorough information (something I love) about what to expect.


My agent loves them as do I." 

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Portia Cue

Doom Patrol/ The Oval/ Frisky Dingo

"As we mature, we get better...and as, actors, our headshots get better because we are learning not to be obsessed with wrong/unimportant things as we prepare for our session and while we are at the session.

HOWEVER, in the case of Brad Carter and his uncanny ability, through his thorough intake form, and through his pre-session chat, he is able to use his skills, spirit, and camera to truly capture the essence of we actors. 

Before Brad Carter headshots were uploaded onto Actors Access, auditions trickled in.  Literally, a week after posting my new shots on AA, audition opportunities exploded. Thank you, Brad.  Amazing what a difference a GREAT headshot can make.  I am forever grateful to your skill, spirit and energy.

Make sure you take the time to thoughtfully and fully complete the amazing and thorough intake form from Brad. It's super important!"


Nora Grant

"My daughter Nora started acting when she was seven. We waited a few years to get headshots. She wanted to be ready to audition and comfortable acting before she took them.

When she was nine, I took her to Brad Carter for her first headshot session. From the get-go Nora adored Brad. He was phenomenal with children. As a mom of three I smiled watching his easy way with children. Brad made the entire session feel like a fun game, and she understood immediately what he was asking of her. 

Needless to say the following weeks Brad also started coaching Nora. Nora was picked up by an agent within her first month of being coached by Brad and using her new headshots. She is currently auditioning two to three times a week. And has auditioned for 4 major tv/film projects all within 6 months time. Her favorite days of the week are “when we get to go to Brad’s.” -Katie Grant

Maxwell Korn

Manhunt/ The Blacklist/ George and Tammy

"Don't be fooled by his humility -- Brad Carter is the real deal! His session was light, effortless, and calm. A consummate collaborator, he perfectly towed the line between letting me experiment for myself, and leading me towards his vision (which is excellent). He captured the exact looks I was going for, and then some! Narrowing them down was difficult because of how many awesome shots we got. Brad offers tremendous value, and I'll definitely be returning in the future!"


Sunny Mabrey

In Plain Site/ Mad Men/ Hillbilly Elegy

"I’ve had some good headshots over the years, but never ones that actually represent the roles I want to play.  After my shoot with Brad, I’ve finally got them.


He captured my character… who I am.

As an actor, himself, he understands the importance of making a lasting impression on casting directors and filmmakers through a simple photograph. That was his goal for our shoot, and he definitely accomplished it.


I’ve never been more excited about a headshot and eager to see how it could elevate my career. Also, he’s like, funny and cool to be around." 

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Paul Teal

The Hunting Wives/ One Tree Hill/ Deep Water

"Brad was able to get shots of me that not only captured my personality but also had the essence of roles that I typically read for. In addition to the best headshots I've had taken, his insight into my 'type'  and the business in general were invaluable.

Also, he's just a cool dude to hang out and shoot the shit with for a couple hours!"


Kimberly Hamilton

Star Trek: First Frontier

"I am so happy with my headshots. Brad gave me directions that helped create specific character looks. He made me feel very comfortable and was so fun to work with. I highly recommend Brad Carter for exceptional headshots!" 

Simone Scigliano

"When you’ve been at this for a while you do your homework before getting new headshots.  Understanding what is needed in a headshot to get you the audition is what this is all about.  Brad has that understanding, period.  This isn’t about looking your “best”,  this is about looking like the best fit for the role!  Brad totally gets it!! His resume speaks for itself and he freely shares his knowledge.  Go with Brad.  He knows what he’s doing!"


Katie Grant

Founder & CEO

"Since I began using Brad's headshots (and being coached by him as well) I've landed a great agent and booked 4 commercials!

I NEVER could have done this without him.

Brad is an incredible photographer, extremely observant of detail, and a consummate perfectionist. He will not stop until he gets the photo exactly as he imagines it. He somehow pulls out your emotions and captures them in a realistic way. I don’t know how he does it.

His headshots are the best I’ve seen. Every photo has a purpose and tells a story, and that is something that I doubt can be easily taught. I will never use anyone else."

Danielle Treuberg

Working with Brad was awesome. 

He’s so down to earth, understands the business and collaborates with you to get the shots you need.  Without giving away too much about Brad's unique process, let's just say I have never felt more understood and prepared for a headshot session in my entire career. 

He’s an actor who understands the process with a directors attention to detail and a photographers skill. 

It was truly a joy to work with him, it felt like a day on set."


Fabian Olive

I recently had my headshots taken by Brad Carter and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The locations he selected were great, providing the perfect backdrop for every shot.

His professionalism and punctuality were top-notch, ensuring the entire process was smooth and efficient. What really stood out, though, was the way he interacted with me. He has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable, which made the session enjoyable and relaxed.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for high-quality headshots.

Catherine Restivo

NCIS Hawaii

"I’ve always struggled knowing my 'type'. I resisted typing myself because I like playing a variety of characters which is a lot easier in theatre. However, in film, you won’t get very far if you don’t have a clear understanding of what you bring just from your look and essence. In just one small meeting before our headshot session, Brad was able to help me see clearly what type of roles I can be seen as. This clarity of typing is unique to headshot photography because Brad is a successful working actor. He has the experience to know what you need to go to the next level. I’ve only had these headshots for a few months, and I’m getting more auditions and I’ve booked a guest star on a new ABC/HULU true-crime show!"


Nikki Hughes

"Brad actually wants you to be successful and knows that the most important primary tool you have is your headshot. He is a working actor so he understands getting the shot you need to show versatility as an ACTOR and not just capturing vacant expressions or a pretty smile.  


I have had many headshot sessions thus far, and I can honestly say that shooting with Brad has yielded the best results.  I secured my first agent as a direct result of our headshot session and the castable looks we captured as a team."

Terry Ballard

"Getting my headshots from Brad was a Godsend.  I could not be more satisfied and pleased with the entire experience from the photoshoot to the final retouched headshot.  Brad has a sharp eye that captures the inner you.  An actor who knows what actors need. He's the best. We traveled from South Carolina just to shoot with him" 


Kenneth Crutchfield

Star Trek: First Frontier

"Brad's photographs show action and that's what first attracted us to work with him. My wife and I drove all the way from South Carolina to shoot with him. We are so very happy that we found Brad."

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